Register your telephone numbers with 18185 for free and without further obligation.

Registering for the 18185 Indirect Access Service will enable you to make discounted (inter)national & local calls. By dialling 18185 before your calls, your calls will be routed and invoiced by us instead of your normal telecom provider. Payment of the total amount of your invoices will take place once a month from the 24th onwards. You will be informed by email when your invoice is ready to be viewed and when payment will be collected. By logging in to "customer login" you can at any time check up to date overviews of your payments, invoices and call records.

You can use 18185 once you have received your subscription confirmation email. Registration is free and furthermore we do not charge you any registration, administration or subscription fees. You can still benefit from 18185's amazing rates even if your telephone numbers are already registered with another Carrier Select company.
Once registered BT customers can access this service by dialling 18185 immediately followed by the complete follow-on telephone number (do not pause between 18185 and the telephone number).

Non-BT and mobile* customers can access this service by dialling 0808 1 703 703 -wait for voiceprompt- followed by the complete follow-on telephone number.
(* Mobile operators may charge for calls to 0808 numbers depending on your operator and tariff plan; please check with your mobile operator for correct rates)
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